Meet Jenny Copeland

About Jenny Copeland – Your Fayetteville Agent

Moving boxes and PCS orders is what used to describe The Copeland family life every 2-3 years until we moved to Fayetteville NC in the summer of 1998. I remember staying in Leal Guest house on Fort Bragg for almost 3 months while we were waiting for our home to be complete with my 2 small children at the time. To say the least it was not the most pleasant of circumstance. I love the Army and the opportunities it has given to me, my family and the great places we have lived, visited and most importantly the people we have met. We have stayed in Fayetteville NC through several of my husband’s deployments overseas, Temporary Duty and a couple times of my husband having 1 year assignments to the DC area. It was important to us to let the kids stabilize for a while in the same school district. We moved to Hohenfels Germany as a family for two years in 2003. While in Germany we doggy sat Kipper McBride an adorable West Highland Terrier, you’ll see later in the story why I am telling you this. We also traveled to several different counties while stationed there and took a very special trip to Normandy France. It truly made me so proud to be an American as I looked over the cliffs at Normandy realizing what those young men went through in battle.

Upon returning I felt compelled to get myself back into a career. I prayed and prayed about it. God kept pointing me in the direction of Real Estate and I thought he was crazy. I know I should not say that. I was careful not to say it out loud because I did not want to offend him, but soon realized he meant business and was not going to take no for an answer. I soon realized it was the perfect choice for me. God always has the best plans for us if we will just listen and follow. I had a person or two a day in my path telling me about real estate and what I needed to do. So I went to school and took the test, passed with flying colors. I started at a small firm but moved Coldwell Banker Advantage with the urging of the owner to take my career to another level. It was a great move! Coldwell Banker Advantage has given me so many opportunities to grow as a realtor and I am, I will be forever grateful to Suzanne for taking the time to bring me over to Coldwell Banker Advantage. I now know why God wanted me to be a Realtor. I love my job. Helping clients find the home that is their perfect place, it is an honor. Guiding my clients through the process gives me great joy and I hope that I make it a smooth and easy process. I continue to look for ways to make my marketing, communication and all aspects of your home buying or selling the best it can be.

My husband and I have 3 children now; Amanda graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, William Darby graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and Laura who is in college.  We also adopted two furry Copeland’s during yearlong deployments to soothe broken hearts with Daddy gone. Faith came during the first deployment. After putting the kids off for so long; once we knew we were staying here, “Amanda said you promised me a dog remember mom”? So we started looking for a dog like Kipper McBride and soon found a West Highland terrier breeder in Fayetteville NC that just happened to have a new liter of pups. Then Dad came and they made fast friends. During the next year long Deployment Laura was very sad and I thought I know what will cheer her up, a puppy! So I thought maybe I will just give the same people call where we found Faith and see if they thought they would have puppies anytime soon. Guess what they had some right at that moment. I said we are just looking but of course came home with a puppy-Hope. Faith has passed away at 13 years and We have a new pup Luna.

I am married to a wonderful man, Randy, for 31 years now and I’m pretty sure it was the smartest decision I ever made to go on our first date. He  retired from the Army after 27 +years of service to our country.
Besides helping clients find their perfect homes or sell their home to PCS to a new base, I love to garden. I have landscaped and re-landscaped my home in the last 22 years. The last couple of years I have remodeled the outside of my house, inside my house, had a spare garage workshop built and added salt water pool with landscaping. I think as a military wife I just have to stay busy all the time to keep my mind off the things that I would be worrying about if I had idle time.

Enough about me …now I want to hear about you, your stories and dreams.